Blake Cleverley looked up slightly and drank the last red wine in the crystal clear goblet.

The powder neck was slender and the raised arms made her slim dress even tighter. The deep V neckline flashed a white peak. Gully, the exquisite curve of the bumps, because it is too tall, the dress is held up high, like an unattainable mountain.

The Nanjing sauna looked at the slender, white neck that stretched to the prominent part of the chest, and could not help but sigh her skin is white and delicate.

I don’t know because of the red wine, or the Nanjing sauna’s eyes are too direct, Blake Cleverley’s elegant and beautiful face on the red flutter, the heart does not live up to expectations. The sight of the Nanjing sauna eyes is even more so that she is shy and infinite, and the blush on the pretty face can’t help but be stronger.

“You are so charming! Black, you know, audition that day, when you walk in, tall and bumpy figure, long blond hair, charming blue eyes, I felt like Selena walked from the virtual world. Out of the ordinary, I told myself at that time, this is my S Queen, yes.” Nanjing sauna sound is a bit low, but very magnetic xing, people can not help but be unconsciously attracted.

Black’s big eyes swayed, his eyes were full of gaze, his mouth was unconsciously upturned, his breathing could not help but speed up. The praise and recognition of the Nanjing sauna made her heart tremble, and the pink lips ignited. The voice was a little excited and trembled and said: “Really… really?”

“Of course! For my s queen, we should have another drink to celebrate…” Nanjing Sauna answered with incomparable affirmation, then picked up the red wine bottle that was about to bottom out, and poured it on himself and Black. Charming smile, and the pretty face of the blushing Black touched the quilt, made a crisp crash, and looked up.

Black held a glass of wine, white teeth biting his lips, his eyes fixed by hesitation, drank the red wine in the cup, and as the red wine swallowed, her white face was more red.

The Nanjing sauna stood up from the seat, with a smile on his face, walked to the slightly sloppy Black, and reached out, and Black instinctively put his delicate jade hand out in the palm of the Nanjing sauna.

Walking to the living room’s coat mirror, the Nanjing sauna pushed the shy Black to the mirror. He stood behind Black and smiled at the images of the two in the mirror. He whispered in Blake’s ear: “Except a little There is still a lack of it, my S Queen Selena…”

Feeling the breath of the man with a strong man’s breath, her whole body became a little hot, and the eyes looked a little confused and looked at the mirror and became a glamorous face. She didn’t feel that she had all the people. Leaning in the arms of the Nanjing sauna, the voice was sweet and trembling and asked: “Which.. Which point?”

The Nanjing sauna reached out and untied Black’s golden high pony tail. The long blond hair was spread out and stretched out in the palm of his hand. Looking at the mirror in the black, “The big golden waves, the everlasting golden waves…”

After the release of the golden show was sniffed in the nose, the other hand wrapped around her waist and placed on her flat belly.

call. . . call. . .

Blake Cleverley’s breathing became very heavy, the towering peaks rushed up and down, the pink neck was raised high, and the eyes were closed slightly. The whole body was attached to the Nanjing sauna, and the black Becker could resist Nanjing. The sauna is plucked.

The Nanjing sauna turned Black and turned, and he did not hesitate to lean over and kissed the red lips of Xing. Black is also a big-mouth beauty. The superb kiss skills are not completely resisted by Blake. I don’t know when, her dress slipped from her body, and she lost her feelings of turning around on the bed, being kissed, being stroked, and only the sweet, snoring sound.

I don’t know when, Blake Cleverley’s whole body trembled fiercely, and the tightly stretched bowed his body. The pink neck was high, the blurred eyes slammed wide, the whole body was horrified, and the lips were a little white and trembling. It was like a suffocating fish, constantly opening and closing, until she gave a very high sorrowful scream, only to hear a male voice screaming with relief.

The land reclamation is difficult. . .

The silvery waves followed one to the shore. At first, the waves only jumped like naughty children.

After a while, the big waves of a few meters high pushed one by one. The waves slap on the rocks on the seashore and smash the jade-like waves. In the dimly lit space, there is only a burst of cheers that can’t help but emancipate!

It was just that the rough sea was so fierce, as if it was a lion that was fighting, and it was so fierce that he was so fierce and panicked.

A pair of fascinating sapphire-like eyes are so dazzling in the dim space, watching the sea rushing from time to time, as if never tired, listening to the sea engraved, seems to be so happy forever. . .

The morning sun shines through the barriers of various high-rise buildings, rushing through the shades of white curtains and spilling on the white and messy bed.

One of the people who slept in bed seemed to be very uncomfortable sleeping. A long black leg wrapped in black silk stretched out of the quilt and turned over to press the white quilt under the leg. Only the smooth and beautiful back and the TUN were all displayed in the space. A breath of femoral sputum is emitted in the air.

The eyes of the Nanjing sauna trembled a few times, slowly opened, and the eyes gave off an unusually bright gaze. Looking down at the golden long hair, the hair was completely spread on the pillow, and the eyes were covered with tears. The expression was quiet and sleepy. Black’s ruddy face could not help but reveal a smug smile.

Last night, it was a jackpot. The absolute surprise was unexpected. The Nanjing sauna was surprised to find that there was a red plum on the white sheets. Although there was only one flower, it also made him very shocked. It was extremely difficult to open up the wasteland, and did not care. Afterwards, it was supposed that Black’s blood was not normally damaged. When the relatives comforted, it confirmed the guess of the Nanjing sauna. The versatile Black was indeed injured because of dancing. As for the boyfriend. , only on the second base.

Nanjing sauna is very happy, no matter what, it is finally a blood, even if it is a little bit, this is an unexpected joy.

Well, he doesn’t care much. After all, the social environment of the US emperor does not care about those things. Even the 16-year-old girls are also their own. . . It’s just that you are not being fooled by others and let yourself develop better. This is very speechless!

The beautiful girl’s eyes also trembled a few times, and the beautiful woman slammed open, and her sleepy eyes swayed, revealing a sweet smile. The spoiled arched arch in the arms of the Nanjing sauna, said softly: “Good morning, Dear.”

The Nanjing sauna was a little hepatic, and he found this problem in the second half of last night. This little Nizi seems to have to rely on his own rhythm. Well, he is also interested in Black’s invincible youth. But he is not prepared to get one.

However, it is so fresh and delicious, he is not willing to let go, it is very tangled, first of all, perhaps just because Black is a little stupid to play, afterwards to understand, may regret, no longer entangle yourself.

“Good morning.” Nanjing sauna tightened the Queen of S in her arms, gently stroked her smooth beauty back, bowed her head and kissed her, and the bird was ruthless. After all, this is also the goddess of her past life. The xing figure in “Shark Beach” has fascinated him for a long time. Although it is only a trailer, he has been traversed without having to watch the film.

“Get up and take a shower, it’s really uncomfortable…” The Nanjing sauna feels that there are some knots in the jungle, which is very uncomfortable. When you work till the early morning, there will be another bath there, so you need to deal with it now.

Black is even better. Although some paper towels on the carpet are scattered, the degree of uncomfortableness is even worse than that of the Nanjing sauna.

“I… I still have some pain, my legs are not strong, dear, hold me…” Blakelyfrey was in the arms of the Nanjing sauna, shyly shouting, said in a sweet voice.

Hang up the phone, for Lima a little emotional tone, Nanjing sauna is a bit helpless, but today and tomorrow, overtime, he has to do, in addition to the source code, there is the role of the two campus queens of Gossip Girl Need to be determined as soon as possible, otherwise cw TV station is ready for everything, there is no quasi-letter on this side, it can make people laugh.


It is true that all the actresses who have participated in the audition of Serena and Queen B have a little bit of focus, especially the actresses who have given the Nanjing sauna note, and the mobile phone does not leave.

Blake Cleverly looked at the boyfriend’s non-stop text message on the phone, lying on the bed, do not know how to reply, from the audition, she has been considering whether she should choose to break up with the school’s boyfriend, after all, Once selected, this is similar to the lame, and it is a bit too much to personally dye the sky above the boyfriend’s head. Ok, even if you know, you will forgive yourself. . .

Forget it, let’s do it first, take a step and take a step, first get the character and say, there are several campus loves that can walk together. I don’t just let him go to the second base. My future is on the screen, and the breakup is also Sooner or later!

Throw the phone on the bed, roll over and look at the white ceiling, and the thoughts don’t know where to fly. . .


Lefley, who was a little confused in bed, heard the hum of the mobile phone on the quilt, and made a scream, hurriedly awake and grabbed the phone and looked down, strange number?

Shake his head, take a deep breath, clear the voice, and pick it up.

“Hello, is Miss Blake Cleverley? I am the Nanjing Sauna Smith. I call this time, don’t bother you to rest?”

Blake Cleverley’s small heart accelerated the beat, and under the strong pressure, said softly: “Hello, Mr. Smith, did not bother, I am reviewing your “Gossip Girl”, I did not expect to receive Your call, this is really amazing.”

“Oh, it doesn’t bother you to rest, it is like this. I just finished working overtime and I am going to have some night snacks. I don’t know if I am honored to invite you…”

“Of course, this is my pleasure…” Leverly agreed with a little excitement.

“Oh, well, do I need to send a car to pick you up?”

“No, no, you can send me the address.” Blakelyfrey hurriedly refused, she didn’t want to be seen by her family and neighbors.

“Well, then, let’s see you later, be careful on the road…”

Blake Cleverley threw the phone into the bed and jumped out of bed. He was a little excited and shouted a few YES. He looked at the messy golden hair in the mirror, and his face was a little dizzy. After a little loss, The eyes became firm, and the white t-shirts and slacks were taken off, and only the underwear was walked into the bathroom. . .


Nanjing sauna exhaled a bit of turbidity in the chest, he is also a bit awkward, the two worlds are also the first time to do this kind of thing, I always feel a little awkward, I am now this identity, family wealth, doing this kind of thing, it is inevitable Feeling a drop, very stinky, there is no need to do this.

Oh, but then again, the rules of the game are like this. Don’t eat yourself, is it cheaper? Nima, are you stupid! Use your own resources, cheap others, this has to be a lot of grievances, by what!

However, it can’t be the same as a big brother in the rabbit country. If you shoot a movie, you can sneak a shot. It’s really boring. The bulldozer is not suitable for you. If you break down, Nima will stink the street. It’s hard to wash white, and then it’s not cleaned when it’s dropped into dirty water. The halo that you can’t manage easily can be shredded!

Um um, let’s experience it, we can’t play this kind of flowering often, and it’s a big drop. It seems that in the future, my own work should choose more familiar women, and do less with my own resources to hold things that are not related to myself. It’s easy to eat stuffing. After all, it’s played a lot. Sooner or later, it will spread in the circle. This is not a good reputation. When you don’t make it to Harvey, the female stars who are involved in the relationship are all dark green. say hello.

Well, he successfully persuaded his mourning thoughts, and finally he was relieved. He picked up the phone and called the VIP line of the Four Seasons Hotel, booked the room, booked the rich nightingale and fine wine, and sent the address out. Take the coat from the hanger and put it on, turn off the lights in the office, take the bodyguard and walk out of the building where the company is located.

At the same time, Blake Cleverley wore a bathrobe and put all the clothes that she thought were beautiful in the closet on the bed, and began to choose the entanglement. The SMS prompt of the mobile phone made her eager to open the clothes on the bed and found The phone, I saw the address sent, the pretty face rises and two wipes are not normal.

“Stockings, dresses, coats, boots, bar words… half a cup of lace, perfume… Just this one, yes, Serena likes to plunge the pony tail, ah, I am stupid, why not prepare to issue a card And the hair band, obviously want to take the role of the gossip girl, Shet, pink lip gloss, okay, but fortunately, there is a bohemian necklace…”

Looking at Black, who dressed himself as a Serena in the novel, swayed in front of the mirror and looked up, nodded with satisfaction, Nanjing sauna Smith should like this kind of yourself!

Both hands hold the peak of their own pride, to be honest, Black now has a Czhao Cup, which is already very good, but her deputy ru is amazing, of course, this discovery is still a Hollywood door before, let The fans around the world appreciate that it is indeed genuine, but also broke the rumors that she has always said that she is fengong.

Four Seasons Hotel, Ambassador Suite.

Nanjing sauna looked at the time, stood up from the bathtub, wiped the water drops with a white towel, picked up the thick white soft bathrobe next to it, fastened the belt, touched the chin in the mirror, The beard was not tied, so I picked up the towel and wiped it, then combed it with a comb and walked out of the misty bathroom.

Going outside the restaurant, I watched the food on the dining table filled with bright stainless steel. I went to the sofa in the living room and sat down. I picked up the remote control and turned on the TV. The expression on my face was slightly stiff, and the Nanjing sauna bowed. After reading my own bathrobe, I couldn’t help but sneak a sigh. I’m really self-defeating, and I’m not blind. Like the coal boss who has never seen a woman in the rabbit country, chatting with a woman in a bathrobe, the hint is too obvious. Black is not a Queen of S now, just a student, don’t scare her.

When I think of it, I walked back to the bedroom and took out the ready-to-wash clothes, a compassionate, a cotton casual trousers from the Nanjing sauna, and casual, not to bring pressure to Black. Peers, the traces of the trades that are not engaged are too obvious, and there is no fun at all.

Hey. . .

Just wearing the clothes, the Nanjing sauna heard a short knock on the door, stuffed the bathrobe into the closet, packed the backpack, walked out of the bedroom, took the door, walked through the living room, turned into the porch, opened the door, and Blake Cleverley, whose expression is a little nervous, is opposite.

“Please come in, can I call you Black? You can call me Nanjing sauna, the full name is really too much trouble.” Nanjing sauna flashed out of position, laughing and a little shy and bowing head and staring at the Nanjing sauna Said.

“Thank you.” Black has 178cm, and the Nanjing sauna passed by, smelling the faint floral fragrance on her long blond hair, could not help but smile, closed the door.

“Give me the coat, I will hang it up for you…” said the gentleman in the Nanjing sauna, who was slightly nervous in the living room. He took the camel coat in her arms and went to the hanger on the side. stand up.

“Here, please, the nightingale is ready. Let’s talk while eating. You dress up very beautiful tonight, really close to the style of Serena I wrote, please.”

Black saw that the Nanjing sauna didn’t have the same feelings as he thought. He had a refreshing costume with a touch of lemon scent. His face was always smiling with sunshine, and he was very graceful. A little embarrassed and nervous mood has been alleviated, she is really afraid that the Nanjing sauna will throw her down in bed without respect, it will definitely become the biggest humiliation in life.

“Thank you, Mr. Smith, you are a gentleman.” Black’s face showed a sweet smile. When he laughed, the pink lips were a bit large, revealing two rows of white teeth, which is one of her characteristics. .

Nanjing sauna flipped his face and pretended to be angry: “Black, I am only 22 years old, only three years older than you. Is it really appropriate for you to use the title? Have you already said that I have called the Nanjing sauna!”

“Giggle, okay, Nanjing sauna, this is really amazing. It feels like dreaming. I can eat supper and chat with idols. If I let my classmates know, they will definitely die.” Nanjing The words and attitude of the sauna made Black feel relaxed at once, and her standard xing laughter rang.

“Oh, please sit down!” Nanjing sauna is very gentleman’s chair to pull out, wait until Black sat down to do the opposite seat, began to open the stainless steel dish cover one by one.

“I don’t know what you like to eat. These are the specialties of the Four Seasons Hotel. The taste is very good. I hope you like it.” When the Nanjing sauna saw the dishes, Black’s eyes widened and the light was obvious. Can not help but smile, it seems that the data I remember is really correct, this big girl is really a food.

“Come on, this is Bordeaux red wine, the taste is pure and sweet…” said that the black wine in front of Black was poured into bright red wine. As for the age of drinking, the Nanjing sauna can only be hesitant.

“Thank you.” Blake Cleverley did not refuse, but revealed a sweet smile.

In the United States, because there are famous Hollywood, many boys and girls have a star dream.

Tori Blake is no exception. If she didn’t find the job of the Nanjing Sauna Secretary, she should have been chasing her unrealistic dreams in Hollywood now.

Of course, Tori Blake’s looks and body are still very good. Hollywood is not only a traditional film industry. Another famous street in Hollywood is the road to the choice of many girls who want to become stars. That is the sea. !

Nanjing Sauna doesn’t know if your little assistant will do that, but I don’t want to come anywhere!

Hearing hope to board the screen and fulfill his long-standing dreams, even if it is a dragon, she is also very happy. After all, since she was an assistant to the Nanjing sauna, she broke the dream of a star, but she did not expect it. It is natural to have a dream. Naturally, I want to seize this opportunity. Besides, I have been bullied by the boss. There is no residue left in the meal. It is only a matter of time. She has already prepared herself.

Spoiled to say that shameful words are just an instinctive reaction.

Nanjing sauna slightly squinted, looking back at the cheeky face, looking for your pitiful expression, the eyes almost dripping out of the water Tory, whispered: “Give you a chance! And I add a class… …”

Speaking of sitting in the boss chair and sliding backwards, the position flashed, and the eyes flashed with a fierce light saying: “Go in!”

Tory Black lowered his head, his face was red, and he shook his body and got into the desk…


The tired spirit of the Nanjing sauna was the most relaxed, and the whole body was refreshing. Standing in front of the coat mirror, the belt and a pair of pleated pants were arranged. There were several vomiting and snoring sounds in the bathroom inside the office.

The little assistant washes his face and washes it for five minutes. The Nanjing sauna is really angry and laughable. Just now, I still have a drooling, holding a pair of big eyes, and I feel awkward and I feel dirty now. It’s really, cute!

More than 6 o’clock in New York, it is already a little bit stunned. Mercedes-Benz in the Maybach car on the streets of Manhattan, the Nanjing sauna blinked and almost buried his face in the chest of Tori, with a grievance ostrich, I was directly laughed.

“It seems that the person who was almost bitten is me! You are a grievance, let you exercise with ice cream, you really eat ice cream!”

“…I’m sorry.” Tory Black whispered a little discouraged, but could hear a sigh of resentment in his tone.

“Okay, well, let you be a guest!” Nanjing sauna reached out and touched her black silk long legs, laughing.

“Really? Thank you boss…”

The Nanjing sauna silently watched a pair of beautiful eyes flashing the radiant Tory’s happy appearance. It was a very correct thing to leave this little pet, oh, a small assistant.

Looking at Tori Blake’s happy twisted little butt into the apartment building, the Nanjing sauna closed the window and said to Kenny: “Go to Long Island.”

The Nanjing sauna just opened the door and entered the house, and heard the voice of Lima. “Dear, how is it so late today? Dinner is already done, eat right away…”

Smiled, for these women, no matter how glamorous outside, at home, they like to cook a normal home life, well, except for Scarlett, her cooking is really not good.

After eating breakfast, and Lima greasy on the sofa in the living room for a while, I took a shot of Lima wearing only black chubby _ci’s hips and smiled: “You are not afraid of cold, go to pants, wear a big light. T-shirts can’t!”

Lima giggled and smiled in his arms, letting the Nanjing sauna knead, her jade hands did not honestly start looking for targets.

The Nanjing sauna smiled bitterly and said: “I have to work for a while, don’t make trouble, you are a little se girl…”

For the infatuation of Lima, the Nanjing sauna is also a bit of a headache, well, painful and happy.

Holding the u disk to continue to write source code, the program is a dead house that can withstand loneliness, writing code programming and writing novels, inspiration and state are very important, although Lima’s gentle town is very fascinating, but scornful He is still clear about his points.

It was not until 11 o’clock that the Nanjing sauna closed the computer and walked out of the study room. When the TV in the living room was open, Lima fell asleep on the sofa with a blanket.

Going over, pick up the remote control and turn off the TV, turn off the headlights in the living room, bend over and hold Lima. Sudden weight loss makes her wake up from the shallow sleep, but when she sees the Nanjing sauna, she smirks and continues to close. Eyes on the top.

Back to the bed, the Nanjing sauna huddled in Lima, who was curled up in his arms and smiled sweetly, and slowly fell asleep.

In the early morning, the Nanjing sauna left from the villa of Lima, rushed to Gaia, and started working at the computer. This kind of work is really familiar to him, but it is nothing but boring. Feeling, but full of energy and can’t wait.

Crossing is great, but the hard-working passers can be even more great to enjoy the gift of heaven.

The Nanjing sauna is now very rich, and it can also be spent on recruiting people, so that they can complete these boring writing work, and vacate time to go everywhere.

But this time is different. This time the program is brand new. It is a combination of two successful software advantages, functions and some ideas of his previous memories. The future value of tens of billions of applications, absolutely can not fake others on the source code. Hand.

The small assistant was also very surprised by the boss’s so focused work. I changed the leisurely state of being late and early, especially when sending coffee. I saw the boss’s fingers flexing and dancing like a dance on the keyboard. I was shocked and curious. The computer screen, found that some characters can not understand, can not help but admire their boss, peek at the handsome face, a bit of a maddening.

The Nanjing sauna has no time to pay attention to the little assistant’s idiot. His current state is very cool. It seems that there is a complete code in his mind. After completing a paragraph, the next coded characters will be automatically combined in his mind, just like God help.

As a program, this state is a dream, very happy, very cool!


In the afternoon, Alvitre came over and reported to the Nanjing sauna about the progress of a million fan welfare. One hundred fans have been selected, and the next step is to verify the trueness of the score. There is no shortage of falsification in the world. People, Nanjing sauna can not want to give fans the benefits of deceiving, money is a small thing, but very disgusting!

To this end, he also re-updated Facebook, confirmed the list of candidates with the fans, and ensured that this kind of welfare interaction will be held once a year. The results are randomly selected in the A, fair and open, and let all fans supervise the information of the selected people. Really, after all, the power of fans is strong.

“Boss, it’s already 6 o’clock, you should take a break and get off work!” Tori opened the door of the office and said to the Nanjing sauna, which was pondering.

“Well? You should get off work first, I will stay again, right, help me to order pizza cola…” Nanjing sauna frowned slightly, arms around the chest, right arm erected, thumb in the mouth biting .

“Would you like… or do I stay with you?” Tori asked with a shyness, and his heart was very tangled. If the boss’s beast was so big, it would be very miserable. After all, she was going to live with it. It’s terrible to have something intimately touched.

“Oh, no, go back, I will stay for a while, ask Kenny and Joseph what to eat, go out!”

After talking about the Nanjing sauna, she ignored her, and the various floating digital codes in her mind began to combine, then broke and separated again, looking for the correct arrangement.

This is not a fantasy, very real, many software engineers can do it, Nanjing sauna was not a top talent before, genius is not with him, memory is stronger than ordinary people, can only be regarded as the capital.

Now he can be worthy of the genius word, not only for the unforgettable, but also the super-conscious state of super-god, it is not too easy to frame the source code model in the brain.

This state is much more exciting than copying books. Even if you don’t copy ideas, Nanjing Sauna can now write new applications. Now he can be called a top software engineer!

The emergence of smart phones has promoted the advent of the era of media.

On the Internet, every individual and every account is a small medium. Post, turn to social platforms, comment on news. . . Information, opinions, attitudes, chicken soup of the soul, and anti-chicken soup have simultaneously merged into the sea of ​​bits of the Internet.

Since the media is a personal-centric communication method, it requires various instant messaging tools to bring more convenient and fast applications to each media person.

Nanjing sauna has been unable to make a profit for the newly established Twitter, but it has been listed on the platform. The platform that dominates the US imperialism is very disdainful. To be honest, compared with the microblog of the rabbit country, it is really far worse. Of course, it means Profitability.

Since the founding of Twitter in 2006, it has been in a state of semi-death and life. It has been less than half a year since the establishment of Twitter. It is obvious that it has been able to survive, but it has only been hit. The time difference, in the entire Internet market, Facebook also has some functions and overlaps. In the smartphone market, the Twitter market has developed explosively. It is still the problem. It cannot be profitable. The financing is still a concept. And the number of registered accounts.

In this world, it will not be so lucky again. The Nanjing sauna will never let it develop. In his eyes, Twitter is a piece of meat that is rotten in the pot. It is only a matter of time to eat. Twitter burned money for two years. By the end of 2008, it was only valued at $250 million by a third-party agency, and there was enough time to suppress it.

Nanjing Sauna has always wanted to create a completely closed inner-circle mode super media matrix. It is time to build up the backbone. The Whatsapp social platform is the backbone of his preparation, but this whatsapp has been changed a bit unrecognizable by the Nanjing sauna. Part of the powerful function of WeChat in the rabbit country, at the same time will establish an open social platform, allowing users to share and find information of interest, which is the most complete form that the rabbit country WeChat has been perfecting and establishing.

Not the Nanjing sauna Wu Mao, in the comparison of whatsappa and WeChat, WeChat smashed the other side several streets, and later many of the features added by Twitter are cottage WeChat, every time they clamored that rabbit country pirates pirated them, and finally not stinky Is it a shameless pirate rabbit country idea?

The reason why the Nanjing sauna is doped with many applications of WeChat in the rabbit country is that it is a monster application software. He is a payment tool for PayPal in the United States. PayPal is a third-party payment platform. market.

How can the Nanjing sauna give up such a lucrative project, what is faster than the third-party payment platform, and no need to bother? It is the highest realm of doing business – “empty gloves and white wolves”.

In that way, Ma Baoba was entangled in the bank for the funds stored in his payment instrument. It was entangled with the bank for a long time. Finally, the interest generated by the buyer’s money from a certain Alipay every day flowed into the pocket of Ma Baba. .

Think about the amount of transactions generated by the double eleven, hey, the three days of interest is enough for him to mink for a while, the highest realm, the model of empty gloves white wolf!

The background of the Nanjing sauna made him not have to worry about his own third-party payment tools. He would be dealt with by some of the use of PayPal. PayPal dealt with the expansion of Mabiba to the US imperial, but the US imperial government came forward to suppress it. There is no way to go out of the way, and cooperate with PayPal, stinky degree and a treasure to push out the parent company of PayPal from the rabbit country is not too much to let!

As long as you learn the penguin’s means, slowly use the closed internal circulation mode to popularize and train users, and then slowly eat away the market of PayPal. Even if you can’t beat PayPal, you can at least fight against it.

He registered a Freedom City technology company very early, and he has not started to operate. The reason is that he needs to write the source code of Whatsapp software independently and control it. Although it is very troublesome, it is better for him to start again. Studying this part of the knowledge in the university, the first version of the source code can only be a problem for him now, but for the future, you have to do it yourself.

When the little assistant sent the coffee, the Nanjing sauna rolled up the sleeves of the white shirt. A cigar was lit and placed on the crystal ashtray. He said to Tori: “Don’t bother me, don’t pick up the phone!” ”

Tory Black is a bit unclear, but since the boss told me that she naturally wants to execute, it seems that the boss is afraid of being interrupted. The writer’s writing is not so easy.

When I walked out of the office and turned back to close the door, I saw that the boss was biting the cigar, and the finger began to hit the keyboard like a fly. It was really fast!

Nanjing sauna is not to complete the development of this application alone, he only needs to write the source code to guarantee his copyright rights, and then you can recruit people, let the technology company work, let the team perfect the software. He only needs to make plans and suggestions, and at the same time complete copyright registration in various countries, many application functions must be registered to form patent barriers to prevent being used by various cottages.

The rabbit country also agreed to include, he will put this Whatsapp application in the rabbit country at the same time, even if there will be a cottage, he can also hold the opponent’s neck at the beginning, even if he is forced to withdraw because of the acclimatization He can also use the patent barrier to let the opponent pay the price and circle its development space.

It’s not the Nanjing sauna that is cold and bloody. It’s really terrible for the development of Internet technology in the rabbit country. The popularity of smart phones will reach a horrifying level in the future. In 2015, the network coverage of the rabbit country has reached the US emperor. Three-quarters, but how many people in the rabbit country, how many people are the US emperor!

Innovations in Internet technology have led the world. Many Internet companies in the US have reversed the secrets and functions of the secret Internet companies in the country. Those Western so-called gentlemen have stolen and have to show a look. Not the disdain, the robbers and thieves in the bones are irritating.

People don’t kill themselves, even if they have the soul of a rabbit country, the Nanjing sauna will not be soft. The shopping mall is like a battlefield. If you don’t advance, you will retire. It is the most sensible choice to kill your opponent in the early childhood. He doesn’t want to be invented by a garage. The family collapsed at a certain moment in the future.

At this point, he is very admired by the means of Xiaomazi. The Facebook book listed has reached a point of hunger and hunger, holding a lot of cash. Any software company that might threaten Facebook, he bought and saved money. The sly is very crazy, has reached the point of stinking shame, in the future, maybe Xiaomazi will also remember the Nanjing sauna company.

The source code was written in a short time. Although the Nanjing sauna knows the finished appearance of the two software applications, what he does now is reverse reversal. A mature product disassembles the most valuable part of the core, not ten. It can be solved in a day and a half. He is a mobile game program and not a software engineer. It is really troublesome.

Until 5 pm, Tori pushed the door in and interrupted the Nanjing sauna, which had a bit of a hard expression. It kept the super-god state for a long time, and his mental energy consumption was a bit serious, gently rubbing the Jinming point between the eyes. Whispered to Tori, standing at the desk, saying, “Get off work, I will stay for a while…”

Tori saw the boss’s mentally exhausted appearance, could not help but be a little surprised, softly said: “I… I am with you!”

The Nanjing sauna frowned and glanced at her, and then said: “Come and give me a temple….”

I put my head on the back of the boss’s chair and smelled the fragrance of Chanel No. 5 on the little assistant, feeling the massage of her fingers on the temple.

“Boss, when does the gossip girl start shooting?”

The Nanjing sauna was a bit awkward for Tori, and after he gave a slight glimpse, he opened his mouth and said, “Why, are you interested in performances?”

“Ah… I was curious to ask, I really like this novel.” It seems that the boss said that he broke his mind, the charming pretty face flashed two blushes, and hurriedly explained, the heart could not help but secretly the boss’s jing Ming As the demon feels amazed.

“Really? I originally wanted you to be a guest character. It seems that you are not interested, then forget it…”

Thinking of Nanjing Sauna Smith’s handsome looks, perfect body, and many identity auras, $1 billion in net worth, she suddenly got up, the eyes that had lost their brilliance flashed with slyness, but I thought of his figure.

If they all surpass their own wealthy girlfriends, they can’t help but vent their anger. How can he look at himself? . .

Sitting opposite the handsome and handsome Nanjing sauna Smith, and looking at his eyes, he saw the smile on his face, feeling his look at his own eyes, it seems that he felt a hot, can not help but a happy, his face appeared Two blushing, shy little bowed his head, dare not look at him again, the speed of the heart beats a lot faster, there is also a feeling of relief, confidence once again returned to her, her instinct tells herself, Nanjing Sauna Smith Very interested in her!

“Cough, Miss Blake Cleverley, this is a line of Serena, you have five minutes to prepare, and then perform according to your understanding…” Director Roger said to some shy Black, still slightly Unrecognizable from the raised head, Black raised his eyebrows.

“Good… good, thank you director.” Hurry up and take over the script, sneak a glance at the Nanjing sauna, develop him still looking at himself with a smile, can not help but shyly put the long hair in the ear After that, to cover up her shame.

There is no need to repeat the performance process. The Nanjing sauna really can’t tell the difference between the performances, but it feels good. Well, he is not bad for an afternoon. After Blake Cleverley’s performance, Roger Kunbao seems to see it. The Nanjing sauna has become interested in Blake Cleverley, and he can’t help but sigh. He knows that if his friend’s daughter wants to get a character, the red sofa must be passed. To be honest, he has been a director for so many years. The vested interests of the sofa are more embarrassing, but it is only a moment. After all, this is the rules of the game. He must also abide by and maintain the rules.

Who wants her to be a big star, earn a big name, make big money, and have unlimited scenery, and is sought after by the world! There is no advantage, why give her a chance, there will be more people acting, and there is no shortage of her, why give her the opportunity to become famous!

This is the resource of the hand, the mind of the controllers, do not accept the rules of the game, where to cool where to go!

“Mr. Smith, I am your fan. I like your novels and music very much. Can you sign me a name?”

After Roger Kunbao said that she would go back and wait for the phone call, she secretly took a deep breath, blushing, and bravely took out the latest book, “Dark Fairy Tale,” from the handbag, asking for the Nanjing sauna.

“Oh, of course, it’s my pleasure to have such a beautiful female fan.” Nanjing sauna laughs softly, smiles very sunny, gives a very affectionate feeling, and the producer and Roger Kunbao are also With a smile and a smile, I looked at each other and showed a smile that everyone knows.

Nanjing sauna took the book, brushed the pen on the title page and signed his name, closed the book, smiled and handed back to a little nervous big girl.

“Thank you, thank you very much.” Blake Cleverley took the book, excitedly reached out and shook hands with the Nanjing sauna, and then shook hands with the other two, the heart rushed, the face was almost red, and the teeth were biting. The lips fled the interview room.

The Nanjing sauna shook his head and smiled. He looked at the two producers and directors who looked down at the resume and put the paper in his hand into his pocket. He didn’t be surprised by Blackce’s note. This morning I have received three “Serena” and two “B Queen” notes, one of which is the 20-year-old Litton Meister of the previous Queen B.

Don’t mention how beautiful the heart is. The two queens of Gossip Girl will lie down underneath themselves. Hey, think about it and let him chicken! Moved.

As for the behavior of this QIAN rule, it is very shameless. The Nanjing sauna sneers at people who have this idea. Compared to the era when the rules of the game in Hollywood were most confusing, known as the “red sofa” era, it is now too much civilization.

“Red Sofa”, at the time in Hollywood, the actor participated in the audition and wanted to get the character. If you open the door and walk into the interview site, you will see a red sofa in the middle, or a red blanket on the sofa, the actor. If you want to have the opportunity to win this role, then you will consciously close the door, undress, lie on the sofa, waiting for the arrival of the director or producer. . .

Among the actors, including actors and actresses, no matter the famous star or newcomer. . .

Modern Hollywood basically does not have this QIAN rule, because it is already on the bright side, and the red sofa that has been used for decades has faded out of sight in the 1990s. It is because it is not needed, if it is intentional, Will directly invite actors.

Of course, it’s not true at all, and now Hollywood’s favorite red sofa is the famous Harvey Weinstein!

The Nanjing sauna is not a bulldozer. Although he is very jealous of some goddesses, he will not be able to clip to his own plate. For example, Jessica Alba, who is very in line with the oriental aesthetics, he would not dare to think about it. After all, this big beauty Currently being plagued by dirty diseases, it is really not so good in the Nanjing sauna. . .

Blake Cleverley is telling the truth, it is really green now, and there is no such thing as S Queen’s demeanor. It takes time to precipitate, but the Nanjing sauna does not exclude the woman who teaches her how to be mature, and shows the style of S Queen early. .

To be honest, Blake Cleverley, who has calmed down, walked out of the TV building and looked back at the building in a complicated look. It is still very fortunate. After all, I have to face the Nanjing sauna Smith, not only has a heart-warming skin. It is also brilliant, and the family is famous. It is also a billionaire. It is undoubtedly a perfect QING person. She is a little expecting and excited inside. The jade is holding her mobile phone. For a boyfriend who has been talking for a while, she decided to go back. Think about it.

Already perfect to achieve the goal, the Nanjing sauna that received the hints of the two gossip queens, can not afford any interest in the interview afterwards. After watching the time, it is almost time for lunchtime, he is against Roger Kun Bao and the producer issued an invitation to have lunch, and the two were happy to accept.

At the dining table, Nanjing Sauna and Roger Kunbao detailed their own ideas about TV dramas, some of which are original and some of which are his ideas. After all, the original first season’s various costumes and scenes are too Nima low. Especially, when Queen Serena returned from Central Station, the clothes she wore, Nima, and the soil were all slag!

Fortunately, this TV series CW TV station is very important. The Outreach Department has already talked about a lot of fashion brands. A TV series with high popularity at the beginning of the filming is able to carry out advertising, which is undoubtedly some The fashion brand is very happy, of course, it is not free as the original version. The advertising fee for the first season is not high. After all, it is the first season of testing the water. The Nanjing sauna and TV stations have bet on the advertising fees. In the second quarter, the ratings represent a green knife, especially for teenagers, which is the age group that manufacturers and brands want to fight for.

Looking at the Nanjing sauna, Smith took his beautiful little assistant and took the car to leave. Roger Kunbao and the producers looked at each other and smiled. Everyone was tacit, and the two female stars should have already been produced. Among the actresses, otherwise, Nanjing Sauna Smith will not end his interview with the judges. Without the spoiler, the two of them can confirm the TV actor as soon as possible and start shooting as soon as possible.

Back at the office of Gaia Investment Consulting, the Nanjing sauna has added a new, more professional computer to the desk. After he took off his coat and threw it at the assistant, he sat down at the computer and began to view all the software he needed. .

With the release of Apple’s mobile phone love crazy 1, the era of smart phones has been opened, and it is time for him to show his talents. The project that has been planned for a long time is time to open.